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A short video about our Studio with photographers Inez Agnese & Martin Sweers about collaborating with Uncoated.

It started with a Platform
Our Founder Josephine wanted to support photographers by showcasing their works outside of solely the internet. By organizing exhibitions, Photo Talks and now offering their works for sale we aim to do so.

Josephine: "I have seen it for too long that artists struggle to earn money from their work. It is in my opinion due to a big gap between art enthusiasts and artists. By giving a simple formula to acquire their works I hope to change the perspective on what it takes to collect Art. As it should be fun and foremost a pleasure to buy from someone that you appreciate for the creations they are bringing to the world."

Together with all the participating artists, we would like to break with the inaccessible and unclear pricing of Art. So what's the formula?  The idea behind Uncoated Editions is to offer all artworks for the same fixed price of 95 euro. The measurements of the work are 29,7 x 42 cm (approx. A3 sizing).  All works are limited to an edition of 200 pieces. They come with a personal note of the artist and a certificate of authenticity. 

Why start collecting?
Having Art in your home from artists that inspire you, is something very special. First of all, as you support artists to continue their work. But foremost to be surrounded by objects that have no specific function. Art is a way to wonder, reflect and indulge yourself. Forgetting for a while your daily concerns. I hope by offering you this possibility to start collecting in an accessible manner, a life-long enjoyment and curiosity will be born.

Discover our unique collection, we hope you enjoy!

Josephine & the Uncoated-team

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