Dominique Gebbink - Decomposition


 Measurements artwork: 420x297 mm, approx. A3 format.

In a world in which many of us experience virtual reality as a truer reality than the reality found outside our own front door, Dominique Gebbink captures images wandering through Google Street View or flying through Apple Maps. In her projects representation and interpretation of reality always play a part. How perfect is the representation of reality? Does a perfect representation exist? Do we all see reality in the same way?

Dominique Gebbink: "She (Beauty) is part of my project ‘the Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory by the Port of Rotterdam in cooperation with Apple Maps’ (2019).
In this series, you see images of a no-nonsense area: the Port of Rotterdam. Immense. Structured. Organized. Mapped by Apple Maps. For the purpose of navigation or positioning.
An emotionless, binary registration of reality in our time. But take a closer look, and there is more to be seen. Structures fall apart, chaos takes over. Parts of vessels vanish. Memories emerge. Time becomes visible.

To me, it is a metaphor for how memory works. We perceive something, it is stored in our mind, transformed into a memory. A memory that fades, that may be distorted and even disappear in the course of time.

// Note by artist                                                                                                
// Fine art paper Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Bright White
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