Huy Nguyen - On South Island #1


Measurements artwork: 420x297 mm, approx. A3 format.

Huy Nguyen is a photographer, designer, and emerging art director based in Sydney.

He was never trained in photography, Huy got his formal education in architecture and graphic design. Initially, photography was a hobby but soon enough, he began to develop his own minimalist and rigorous style. Inspired by the stark and expressive lines of his dad’s Chinese ink paintings who deeply impressed the young man while growing up, Huy’s photography is a distillation of what he sees in his every day.

Nguygen: “I never wanted to merely capture something, I felt that I could hold an instant of time to make it really mine” - in Huy’s photographs, the subject is frozen in time, suspected and encapsulated in an impenetrable sheen. “I guess it stems from my childhood obsession with collecting bugs, mounting them or preserving them in resin.” 

// Note by artist                                                                                                
// Fine art paper Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag
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// Limited edition size of 200
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