Mariëlle Gebben - Analysis of the truth, a pink infinity


Measurements artwork: 420x297 mm, approx A3 format.

Mariëlle Gebben is based in Groningen, The Netherlands. She is an abstract photographer. Mariëlle creates special abstractions of reality or from her own fantasy. Her curiosity about infinity drives her to search for new ideas.

When she is outside, she prefers to shield her gaze from the horizon and look at what is underneath. While looking at the ground, she wonders: "What is underneath". She created The Flux, an infinite, colorful parallel universe, without horizon and without a clear structure. Afterward, she worked on the subject "The Truth". She tried to prove that the truth is pink and infinite. Lines were no longer only reserved for her installations. Gebben: "I want to do something that makes me part of the bigger picture".

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